Tailoring with Supplied Pictures
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Tailoring with Supplied Pictures

Dear friends,

Have you ever seen a dress in somewhere but cannot take it home due to some reasons? It comes into your dreams every night and you believe it is right for you. Let it go? No! Absolutely No! Then what will you do? The answer is to entrust it to weddingdresstrend, who has high level designers and pattern makers and provides Tailoring with Supplied Pictures service. As long as you can provide the pictures of the dress to us, we will tailor the dress only for you per your requirements. Once you show us the pictures, our designers and pattern makers will decide if we can make it. If yes, we will make a quotation to you. No digitizing fee. weddingdresstrend is sincere with others and insists that sincerity and good faith is the base for business. We also believe there is no best, only better. We pay attention to the details, supervise every step strictly and make each dress carefully. We aim to offer superior quality and perfect service to every customer.

Service Declaration

1. Please provide clear and detailed pictures as possibly as you can together with the specific information such as fabric, quality, color, deadline, etc.

2. Weddingdresstrend will only customize your dress according to the picture you offer without any alteration.

3. Each dress tailored with supplied pictures is individually hand-tailored. In principle, we will not support item return except that you can fully prove the final product obviously disaccord with the picture and information you provide.

4. There might be a slight difference between the actual dress’s color and what you see in the photo depending on every computer monitor’s display settings. weddingdresstrend will pay attention to this and meet you needs as much as we can do.

5. As for the details, such as beadings, sequins, rhinestones, ruffles and pleats, we will try our best to make the dress resemble with the picture, but we can’t guarantee 100% as the picture. Please understand this.

Legal Statement
Please read this Legal Statement carefully before applying.
weddingdresstrend’s Tailoring with Supplied Pictures service. You don’t have to choose this service necessarily, but once you choose to enjoy this service, your choice is considered a complete understanding of this statement and all the content in this statement are accepted and approved.
weddingdresstrend’s Tailoring with Supplied Pictures service is to manufacture products according to provided pictures, therefore you have to secure all the pictures provided are legally sourced and the application of these pictures is legally allowed, and you are liable for any problems caused by the behaviors mentioned above (illegally sourced and applied). Meanwhile, if you violate the above guarantee and cause the losses of weddingdresstrend, weddingdresstrend has the right to claim compensation.
Any dispute and controversy are applicable to all aspects of the People’s Republic of China laws.
Any dispute in terms of weddingdresstrend’s Tailoring with Supplied Pictures service is in the charge of people’s court of the operator’s address (the operator of weddingdresstrend).

Wish you have a happy shopping experience here.

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A lady saw the wedding dress below in a magazine, but she couldn’t buy it due to some reasons. She contacts weddingdresstrend with the picture of the dress. weddingdresstrend rushed out the dress for her in 10 days. She was very satisfied with the custom made dress. We thank her for her trust in weddingdresstrend. Wish her a prettiest day and a lucky life.

Original Picture:

Tailoring with Supplied Pictures - weddingdresstrend

Ready to Wear:

Tailoring with Supplied Pictures - weddingdresstrend

Please disregard the photography and focus on the dress itself. The real dress is even more beautiful.

  • Tailoring with Supplied Pictures - weddingdresstrend